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Our Story

When we first bought this land in 2021, we had a vision to create a place where we would share our land and let guests experience the beauty of the Texas hill country. Our goal was to have a comfortable place to stay while being close to downtown Johnson City and the Texas 290 wine trail.

Only a year later, we're thrilled to open Johnny Yurts. We've already created a lot of amazing memories ourselves and have enjoyed hearing stories and seeing pictures from our guests as well.

We're so happy you found us and are looking forward to hearing about your amazing stay!


Why Yurts?

Why yurts? This is a great place to start and is the first path to travel on with us before supporting the vision. Let's begin by describing what the yurt is not. It is not just a structure. It not a tent. It is not a cabin. It is not just a traditional space. The yurt is more than this. To be in a yurt is to be in something new.

While in a yurt you are inhabiting a space that is not defined by the typical restrictions and definitions of the structures we spend 99% of our time in. Most of the spaces we inhabit are made of boxes. These boxes define the function of the spaces within and these functions define one perception and action while within. Yurts are circular and within the yurt there is only one space that is defined (the bathroom) and this singular definition makes our yurts complete. The bathroom is a space that is required as it allows humans to take care of basic needs to allow for the fullest expression of the individual within the yurt and property. Our bathrooms, which are large and beautiful are like the dots within the yang and the yang. They are the one touch of standard definition that keeps these spaces referenceable to the ordinary.

The rest of the space has no formal definition. Is it a bedroom, Is it a living room? Is it a kitchen. Is it an office? Without walls to separate the function the yurt become a place of pure invention. This place of pure invention is even more freedom for creativity explored of the self with the central clear dome providing visibility to the heavens and seemingly endless possibility. Within the yurt the individual becomes the creator. Without the restrictions of formal function you have unlimited freedom to think and act as you'd like. This concept is even more personified by the functional beauty of the lattice wood supporting the canvas all aroun­d. So while in this new space you are truly set free. Be within the space as you choose, and know that this freedom can be taken with you.

Our yurts are meant to produce the feeling of pure creative freedom and as you step out from them you are launched into a place of nearly unmatched beauty. You are always surround by the Texas Hill country when at Johnny Yurts. Step from the struct­ure and notice how the inverted canvas seemingly supports all of the Hill Country around at. It is one, you are one with the land, you are at the center and at the same time totally connected.

This is why yurts!

Bill Paul

- Dreamer of Johnny Yurts